Portrait photograph of woman with glitter on her face, created using midjourney AI
AI generated photograph of mature made in a room filled with red and white balloons.
A science-fiction inspired photo of a woman in a futuristic silver outfit, created using generative AI tool Midjourney.
Midjourney V5 AI created photograph of woman standing in front of a field of neon hearts.
A portrait photograph of a woman in a park on a sunny day, made using artificial intelligence.
cinematic photograph created using midjourney AI image generator of woman standing in front of neon flowers.

Generative AI tools such as DALL-E, Stable Diffusion and Midjourney are an exciting new tool to add to photographers' repertoire of image-creating techniques. Although many photographers have expressed concern about being 'replaced' by AI, I feel it represents a huge opportunity to push our own creative concepts to exciting new places. Contact me if you'd like to have a chat about the possibilities of artificial intelligence photography.

artificial intelligence generated portrait photograph of a woman wearing pink jacket in an amusement arcade.
A portrait photograph of a woman generated by artificial intelligence
A portrait of a woman lit by red neon light, created using Midjourney AI.
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